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Awesome Asphalt Paving/Patching Services for Indiana

What is Included in our Asphalt Paving/Patching Services?

Asphalt gives people a smooth, secure surface to walk or drive on that is less likely to cause damage or injury than an uneven surface. In addition, we can pour and pave fresh asphalt for new projects and patch up any blemishes in already existing areas of asphalt that are hazardous and unsightly to look at.

Why Choose Protection Seal for Your Asphalt Paving/Patching Services?

You deserve hard surfaces around your home or business that make others feel comfortable to be on and that look good too. We stand out because:

  • Our services are always high-quality
  • We strive for a friendly yet professional approach
  • We’re proud to be as informative with our customers as we can

What Does the Paving/Patching Entail?

Demolition, Removal, Grading, and Preparation

Any existing surfaces need to be cleared away (whether it be asphalt, pavers, or other material), then any debris from the removal process is cleaned up. The area is then graded to ensure proper water run-off, and the sub-base is prepared – this is the most critical part of the new asphalt surfaces. Finally, the base needs to be stable and appropriately compacted before pouring.

Proof Rolling, Binders, Installation, and Transitions

Proof rolling helps find soft areas in the sub-base that need repairing. Once they’re all taken care of, the binder is added in – this is the strength behind new asphalt surfaces. Once the supportive structures are in, the asphalt is installed to give it the smooth, attractive look you see. Then any connecting driveways with older asphalt get attention, so there’s a smooth transition between the two.

Patching up holes in already existing asphalt

When asphalt is already laid down and ends up with potholes, it’s not realistic to remove it all then start over every time. So instead, an asphalt mix is created to be poured into those holes then smoothed out to create a flush (or at least nearly-flush) patch in that surface. Timing is essential with patching and crack filling, so the patch will last longer.

What are some things to know about asphalt pouring/patching?


Asphalt is good for noise levels and fuel consumption

The smoother the ride is beneath your car, the better fuel consumption your vehicle will get as you drive. In addition, roads and highways paved with asphalt can reduce the “road noise” by 3.5 decibels – much better than those with noise walls.

Maintaining your asphalt will save your time and money

Nobody wants to pay lots of money over and over to repair or replace the asphalt they’ve had poured. But, surprisingly, the average asphalt surface condition drops about 40% within the first about 75% of its lifetime. So if you help maintain your own asphalt, you can reduce the need to redo it or patch it up, saving you money.

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