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Quality sealcoating, concrete pouring, striping, and more in Boone County, IN.

Boone County is located near the state’s center, putting it at the heart of Indiana itself. Its position is prime within the state due to the excellent soil, central position, and available water power. They say location is everything, and this county is no different – it takes the cake as far as that category goes!

Do you enjoy being able to get out to do things with your family or your significant other? You’ll love this area then! You can take the kiddos to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, let them dive into the art culture in a fun way. Your loved ones and yourself can go bananas at the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course or even take in the “thrills” of natural beauty at Eagle Creek Park. We love the area ourselves and know the folks here love it just as much. We pride ourselves in serving this community and all of those lovely folks in the best ways we can!

Why choose Protection Seal for your seal coating needs?

  • We can guarantee always to provide the highest quality services, every time
  • We are proud to say we keep each job we do on a professional level
  • Our customer service and customer satisfaction are superb, all of our clients get equal treatment

What can our company do for you?

  • Sealcoating – we lay down a protective coating to asphalt-based pavements as a way to avoid damage from the elements (water, oils, UV rays, etc.)
  • Asphalt paving/patching is one of the most money-saving ways to repair your asphalt surfaces; we will repair the top 2 inches by adding new asphalt through tack coating and grinding.
  • Concrete pouring – our team pours, molds, and cures new concrete areas for different concrete needs onsite
  • Crack filling – we will fill in cracks with a precise measurement of asphalt in the damaged area so you can avoid further water damage.
  • Striping – commercial jobs especially, we add in striping to establish where the parking spaces, fire lanes, etc. are
  • Concrete repairs – removal of any deteriorating patches of cement, forming of whichever sections that need repairs, and repackaging the area, finally adding grout to cracks, ensuring you an even surface
Boone County

What benefits come from proper seal coating?

  • Deterioration from oxidation is minimized
  • Your hard surfaces will have a higher skid-resistance
  • Prevents beneath-the-surface water intrusion
  • The asphalt binder has protection from excess oils or gasoline
  • It makes for an easier time cleaning the pavement
  • Lengthens your pavement’s lifespan
  • It saves you money as the homeowner

Does your home or business need any seal coating, striping, or other asphalt-related services? You can give us a call today and see how our team can help you!

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