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Cool Concrete Pouring/Concrete Repair Services for Indiana

What is Included in our Concrete Pouring/Concrete Repair Services?

Sometimes you may require new concrete surfaces laid down around your home or business, or life happens, and you end up with damages to already existing concrete. We can pour brand new surfaces (pool flooring, sidewalks, etc.) and repair surfaces so the damage doesn’t spread further.


Why Choose Protection Seal for Your Concrete Pouring/Concrete Repair Services?

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What Specifically Does Concrete Pouring/Concrete Repairs Do for my home or business?

Concrete Repair

Concrete is a hardy substance

This material can survive a lot, from anything significant to small. In fact, adequately poured concrete won’t be impacted by things like dirt, spills, and stains, and it is also resistant to most hard impacts. These qualities make it a low-maintenance option for your home or business.

Beautiful aesthetics from beautiful designs

Concrete is so widely used in many situations that there are many ways to use it and things to do with it once it’s poured. For example, you can have it taken up a notch by adding dyes to produce different earthy colors on top of paint made specifically for this type of material. You can also use rubber stencils to stamp patterns into it as it dries, creating a remarkable effect!

Concrete is eco-friendly and can help with yours bills

Materials such as concrete don’t deplete natural resources or require nearly as much energy to make as other floor types. For indoor use, concrete doesn’t contain any hazardous material and inhibits mold and mildew from growing. Concrete also absorbs warm and cool air, allowing for minimal heating/cooling, which can help minimize your bills.

What are some things to know about Concrete Pouring/Concrete Repairs?


This material is the only one resistant to water and fire

Reinforced concrete is used as a building material in projects from basements to parking garages and beyond. This is because there are such low levels of heat transfer that it can withstand intense flames when other things burn. It also doesn’t absorb water like other materials; it’s naturally water-resistant, making it almost waterproof!

Cracks in your concrete are the most common repair

We’re sure you’ve seen it all over the place – cracks here and there in various concrete surfaces. But how do they happen, and how do you fix them? They occur from insufficient grading, overhydration during placement, or other complex reasons. They can be repaired via epoxy injections, grouting, gravity filling, or drilling and plugging.

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