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Perfect Patio, Walkway, and Driveway Services for Indiana

What is Included in our Patio, Walkway, and Driveway Services?

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from having different forms of concrete and asphalt surfaces installed on them. We can pour new surfaces for you to create the perfect entertainment patio, or smooth walkways around your business, or even driveways that won’t shake up your cars.

Why Choose Protection Seal for Your Patio, Walkway, and Driveway Services?

Our customers will require new hard surface installations at some point in time. We can outshine the competition because:

  • Our company offers only high-quality services
  • Our friendly but professional approach is unparalleled
  • We always take an informative approach with all of our customers

What Specifically Do Patios, Walkways, and Driveways Do for my property?

This is a perfect way to increase your property value

If you’re thinking about ways to increase the value of your home, if you’re looking to move, for example, this is the way to do it! Patios are in the top 10 features home buyers look for when house hunting, and you can increase the asking price by $5,000-$10,000 in some cases by these additions. But, of course, the same can go for businesses, too!

Safety plays a key in just about everything

We know the safety of your family or customers is going to be at the top of your priority list – as it is ours. Having reliable walkways and driveways will provide you with a stable, firm place to walk or drive your car that won’t have you concerned. Having reliable patios is essential, too, if you’re going to have company over – you wouldn’t want them to get hurt!

Adding to your curb appeal and entertaining possibilities

If you’re a homeowner or business owner, you want to draw people in the right way with things that will increase your curb appeal. People are more likely to enjoy themselves or want to visit your business if it looks nice. If you want a home to entertain at, lovely landscape walkways and patios are the way to go!

What are some things to know about patio, walkway, and driveway installs?


There are materials for all aesthetics

Depending on what you’d like your hard surfaces to look like or what style you want to fit determines what materials you’re going to use. They can be made out of brick, pavers, flagstone, or concrete – stamped if desired. It’s important to note that some materials will be more durable than others, so try to focus the high-durability ones on things like driveways first.

The color and shade can make a difference

No matter where you live when the temps get hot, anything made out of concrete or asphalt will get hot as well. The darker the surface, the hotter that surface will get. Likewise, the color (unless plain, “normal” concrete color) will fade over time in the sun, and the darker colors will fade faster.

Protection Seal – protecting the surfaces in the communities we are proud to serve!

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