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What is Included in our Sealcoating Services?

Different weather conditions can cause different types of damages to your hard surfaces outside – and those damages will only get worse with time. Seal Coating your concrete surfaces can provide a shield against the harsh rain, wind, and snow that will inevitably fall upon them.

Why Choose Protection Seal for Your Sealcoating Services?

Our customers deal with all types of weather, so it’s a priority to ensure your hard surfaces are protected. We are different from the rest because:

  • We provide nothing but high-quality services
  • Our company is geared towards a friendly yet professional approach
  • We take pride in being as informative towards our customers as possible

What Specifically Does Sealcoating Do for my Concrete Surfaces?

Ice and Snow can be a Nuisance

Even your hard surfaces can be at-risk, or water can penetrate the material, leading to water damage later. The water leaking through also becomes a problem with freezing temperatures as the water expands when it freezes. Sealcoating speeds up the melting process, which prevents that ice or snow from sitting there as long as it usually would.

Fading is Always a Possibility

UV rays can become quite damaging to your concrete surfaces – sealcoating is like sunblock to them. It can also, in turn, protect those surfaces from excess fading over time that can ruin their appearance. A fresh layer of sealcoating can freshen up its look and keep them from looking worn.

Your wallet will be protected as much as those surfaces will

Your concrete surfaces are at constant risk of being damaged one way or another (cracking, fading, etc.). Your wallet doesn’t have to be, though – you save on cost in the long run with the use of sealcoating treatments. In addition, this protective layer keeps your concrete in great shape for much longer, extending its lifetime and reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

What are some things to know about sealcoating?


Your concrete surfaces can be protected if they’re not clean

Before you start almost any big project, the area around said project needs to be clean and clear of anything that would get in the way. For example, if you have any sealcoating services done, all dirt and debris must be removed for the sealing process to be effective. This also goes for any repairs (even minor) that need to be done.

Sealcoating cannot be done in just any weather

Your concrete surfaces need to have enough time during the process for the sealing to take effect. It’s recommended that the weather be at least 55 degrees (Fahrenheit) during and up to 8 hours afterward to cure appropriately. It can be applied in one of two ways: spray or squeegee.

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