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What is Included in our Striping Services?

There are several ways to increase the safety of your property, both residential and commercial, as well as increase the amount of ease you can provide your guests or customers. Having line striping done to either kind of property can accomplish both of these goals at once.

Why Choose Protection Seal for Your Striping Services?

Our commercial customers need clear boundaries for their clients, and our residential clients need them for personal safety. We’re set apart from the rest because:

  • We can provide high-quality services others can’t
  • We will always have a friendly and professional approach with our customers
  • Being informative during the process is a top priority

What Specifically Does Striping on my Concrete Surfaces Do?

Your safety is the number one concern

Line striping is most commonly used to establish lanes, walkways, stop locations, and parking spots. However, when these lines aren’t clear (or there at all), it can lead to accidents and injury. Striping can reduce the number of these events from happening, both night and day, and limit confusion on where to walk, drive, and stop.

Everybody needs a little bit of ease

No one wants to drive or walk somewhere and not know where they should turn or go. It also gets frustrating when they can’t find areas they may need with extra accessibility. You’ll provide them with a much better experience with the aid of line striping – and keep within ADA requirements if you’re a commercial business.

Beautiful, clean lines creating clean boundaries

There’s nothing like having a lovely curb appeal around your business and at home! Something about good organization and the use of your space can really make for a great first impression. Adding crisp lines to notate different areas can increase the positive physical appearance of your property – and make you more proud of your property.

What are some things to know about striping?


There is a method to the madness

Almost any project you do, or have done for you, comes with a specific method or order in which to do it. Striping is no different – for example, it may only take about 30 minutes to dry, but there shouldn’t be any traffic on it for at least an hour afterward. Re-striping should be done every two years or when their visibility is reduced to 75% of the original appearance.

There are different materials of striping paint for different projects

Striping isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to the surfaces it is being applied to. If, for example, you’re striping over asphalt or sealer, a water-borne coating is required. On the other hand, if you’re doing so over concrete, chlorinated rubber paint is what’s needed. This ensures the best adherence to the surface below – so no, not just any paint will do!

Protection Seal – protecting the surfaces in the communities we are proud to serve!

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